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Library printing

The library has access to one printer. You can print directly from your own laptop, one of our computers or directly from a USB. Printing from your laptop requires installation of printer drivers. 

Instructions for setting up printing can be found here

For more information on printing, contact IT at its@wmu.se.

Copying and scanning

You can either use the combined printer and copy-machine or use the library's high-tech scanner.

Remember that various agreements and rules (such as copyright) govern how much material you can copy from a text.

WiFi and internet access

The library has access to student, staff and guest WiFi. We provide an on-site password for the guest WiFi, to access student or staff WiFi please contact IT. 

Library computers

The library provides access to 2 kiosk chrome computers, one is placed at a standing station and one at a table. These computers are free to use without booking. They can be used in guest-mode or used to access your personal google-account.

The library also has one PC with access to AXSMarine. 

Library accounts

BIMCO Bulletin

The BIMCO Bulletin is a specialised magazine featuring articles of lasting value. Articles on developments affecting international shipping, including reports from IMO and other regulatory authorities keep readers abreast of new conventions and legislation.

To sign up for an account, fill out this form.

Note that BIMCO accounts are provided to students physically attending courses at WMU only.

Please note that if you have not clicked the activation link in your e-mail within an hour upon receipt of your login credentials, you will have to recover your account via this link.

Catalog account

This account can be used to check what material you have borrowed. You can also use it to renew printed materials you have checked out. You can log into this account using your WMU gmail. 
You may renew items up to 5 more times after the original checkout, unless the material is on short loan or a hold request has been placed by another patron.

Two days prior to an item's due date, you will receive an email notice with a link for you to the renewal form.

Click the link, login in with your user library catalog name and password, or click the link to login with your WMU Email account. If you are already logged into the catalog, you will see your name in the top right corner.

Clicking your name will take you to your personal "user services" area, which allows you to see what you have checked out, see your checkout history, and see items you have placed on hold (after the current user returns them to the library). Note that catalog accounts are provided to students physically attending courses at WMU only.


EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service) account

The Discovery Service allows patrons to create their own accounts. This allows them to use customized services such as storing searches, downloading e-books, annotating texts and creating content alerts, as well as access full-text content from off campus. Creating an account is as simple as Clicking the "Login" link for the first time, and authenticating with your WMU Gmail credentials. 


You need to have an individual account to search or browse the IMO documents collection. You may create your own public account if you wish, or get organizational access through WMU. All WMU MSc students are supplied with an account upon starting their courses. Staff may email the library to request an account.

Note that IMO accounts are provided to students physically attending courses at WMU only. Accounts are created for students at the beginning of term and confirmation e-mails sent to WMU students gmail accounts. Your WMU email will be your username. You may change the system generated password with one of your own choosing once you have initially logged on.

Your username and password are sufficient for logging in to IMO Docs anywhere with an internet connection.

Your organizational account will be deactivated after graduation or termination of employment.

RefWorks account

The new RefWorks is a reference management service that supports the needs of students and faculty. With an improved user experience, full-text management and collaboration features, RefWorks is a tool that enables a more efficient and reliable process for producing research papers.

You may create an account by going here and choosing World Maritime University. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Further instructions can be found here. 

Learn more:

  • When you first sign up, RefWorks will guide you through a simple onboarding process. Clear and simple steps show all users how to install the “Save to RefWorks” button (web capture) and how to download and install Write-n-Cite for MS Word or Google Docs Add-on.
  • Access ProQuest's official Library Guide on how to use RefWorks 
  • Watch video tutorials that highlight the main features of RefWorks on the official Youtube channel and learn how to use RefWorks in 20 minutes

Lloyd's List

To create your account, you must be on campus – the main building or HSR. Your account must have your wmu.se e-mail adress.  Click here. The site recognizes you as being on campus and therefore eligible for a “corporate” account. Click the sign-up link in the right hand corner. Fill out all the required data. 


 Register with Clarksons to use World Fleet Register or Shipping Intelligence Network. To register, follow the instructions in the below video.