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Creating a bibliography with RefWorks

The new RefWorks is a reference management service that supports the needs of students and faculty. With an improved user experience, full-text management and collaboration features, RefWorks is a tool that enables a more efficient and reliable process for producing research papers.

You may create an account by going to to RefWorks and clicking on the "create account" link displayed in white. (See screen shot below). Sign up with your institutional email address (...@wmu.se). Off-site WMU Library patrons may sign up following this link instead

Learn more: 

  • When you first sign up, RefWorks will guide you through a simple on-boarding process. Clear and simple steps show all users how to install the “Save to RefWorks” button (web capture) and how to download and install Write-n-Cite for MS Word or Google Docs Add-on.
  • Access ProQuest's official Library Guide on how to use RefWorks.
  • Watch video tutorials that highlight the main features of RefWorks on the official Youtube channel and learn how to use RefWorks in 20 minutes.

    APA rules for bibliographies

  • Use "References" as a header
  • Alphabetise according to the first word of each entry
  • The list should be double spaced
  • Use hanging indents 
  • Always start your reference list/ bibliography on a new page


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