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Be sure to check the following resources before placing a request

All students and staff of WMU may request materials that the library does not have in its collection (print or electronic). Before making such a request, please check whether the material is already in the collection. If you find an item you need Discovery Service that is not in the WMU collection, you can request the item from the discovery service request form.

When you know the book or article you need, it might be quicker to check the Publication finder for e-content. For print materials check the library catalog (or the Discovery Service limited to library shelves only). If you can not find what you are looking for in these resources, fill out the materials request form with as much of the citation as you can.


Purchases will be at the library's discretion, but in the event a recommendation for purchase is accepted, the library will catalogue the item at the time of order, and place the requesting patron first in the reserve queue, if the patron desires.

Interlibrary Loans

WMU students, faculty and staff may request an interlibrary loan. In the case of books, documents and other monographic material, the library will obtain the requested item for loan from another library. With articles, papers, chapters, the library will more than likely obtain a copy either from another library or a commercial document supplier. These items will be delivered to the patron either as an electronic or paper copy, which the patron may keep for fair use academic purposes only.

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