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Documents of the International Maritime Organization (IMO Docs)

Uses & Features

Accessing IMO Docs

You need to have an individual account to search or browse the IMO documents collection. You may create your own public account if you wish, or get organizational access through WMU (Recommended for WMU staff and students).

Apply here for an organizational account. Distance Learning students: Note that IMO accounts are provided to students physically attending courses at WMU only. You may sign up for a Public Account on instead.

Library staff will process your request and you will be emailed with your login details. Your WMU email will be your username. You may change the system generated password with one of your own choosing once you have initially logged on.

IMO Docs does not require EZproxy® authentication for off-campus access. Your username and password are sufficient for logging in anywhere with an internet connection.

Your organizational account will be deactivated after graduation or termination of employment.

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