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Library Discovery Service

Creating EDS folders

When you have a personal My Discovery Service account, you have your own personal area (folder) to collect and store information across sessions. All the items you save to your personal folder remain in your folder until you remove them. Only you can access your My Folder.

To save items to your My Folder:

Sign in to your My EDS account.

Search for the information that you want to save in your folder. You can save all types of search results to your folder. (For example, articles, links to searches, images, etc.)

Add the items to your folder in any of the following ways:

  • Add one item – Click the folder icon Add to Folder icon located to the right of the article title. This adds only the single selected item to your folder. If you have custom folders in your account, select a folder to add the article to.

  • Add all the items on the page – Click the Share link and then click Results (1–10) link at the top of the menu. This adds all items listed on the page to your folder.

    Adding results to the folder

    When the article result is added to the folder, the folder icon will change to a folder item icon Folder item icon. Clicking this icon will remove the result from your folder.

    Remove from folder link

  • From the Detailed Record, you can add one item. Click the Add to Folder link at the top of the tools menu. This adds only this single item to your folder.

    Add to folder link

To view the contents of your My EBSCOhost folder:

Sign in to Your My EDS account and then click the Folder link at the top of the page.

Folder link

View the contents of your My EDS folder. Your folder contains links to your saved items in groups such as Articles, Images, Journal Alerts, Saved Searches, etc.

Click a folder location to see the items in a group.

Folder locations

Click an individual item (for example, a magazine article or an image) to display the full detail for the item.

Article Full Text

To save articles to a specific folder:

If you have custom folders created within your My EDS folder, you can specify which folder you would like your articles saved in, when you click the Folder icon Add to Folder icon.

Save to specific folder

The article is added to the folder you specify.

Article added to the folder

When you click the Folder item icon Folder item icon, the name of the folder which contains the article displays a folder icon.

  • To move the article to a different folder, click the name of the folder you would like to move the article to.

  • To remove the article from the folder entirely, click the name of the folder that contains the article.

To remove items from your My EDS folder:

You can remove all the items displayed in a group (for example, Articles) or remove an individual item.

  1. Display the items that you want to remove from your folder.

    folder items displayed

Mark the check box for any folder item that you want to remove, and then click the Delete Items button.

removing folder items


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