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Discovery Service

The main utility for finding information in the library. The Discovery Service, hosted by Ebsco, searches approximately 80% of the library's databases, including the library catalog of its physical holdings on-shelf as well the library's web site pages (like the one you are currently reading). The biggest problem in searching the Discover Service is usually too much information. Library classes will show you how to refine your searches and filter results to hone in on the content most relevant to your research topic. We will show you also how you can access full-text content online, and how to download content for offline reading on your computer or mobile device. Save searches and run them again later to look for content, or have new content automatically emailed to your inbox. Save titles in personal folders. Bookmark content and take notes that you can access and edit later. Export references to EndNote, Refworks, Easybib and several other reference management utilities. If you don't learn any other database the library offers, learn the Discovery Service!

Google Apps

In addition to offering unlimited storage for your PDFs, Word, Excel and image files on its Google "Drive," Google Apps has its own "office suite" for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. In general, these "Apps" do not have as many power-user features as their Microsoft counterparts, but taking into account their ease of use, their accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, and the fact that there is no software to install and maintain on your computer, Google Apps has a lot of advantages over traditional PC-based products. And with the ability to "share" documents and collaborate in real time among authors dispersed across the globe, Google Apps should be the go-to tool for informal documents and at least the the draft stages of group-authored products.

Google Apps is a whole new way of working. The library teaches refresher classes for email and calendaring, and classes that help you delve deeper into the functionality of Drive storage, as well as the use of individual apps. It's a lot to cover, more than one class's worth, so be sure to note what part of Google Apps you are interested in learning when you sign up.

Lucid Charts

A web-based diagramming and charting program that gives free access to all educational users, aka, WMU staff and students. With Lucid Chart, you can easily build diagrams, org charts, swim lanes, and more. You can make expert workflow charts without even knowing what all those shapes represent beforehand. Mouseover popups will help you select a decision, a terminus, ets. Drawing a line from an object and doing a right mouse click, you will see a list of only the objects appropriate to the previous stage of the workflow.

There are even features for building mock-ups of web pages or Android and iOS apps (you don't have to know any code, just send the diagrams to your development team).

Lucid chart is integrated with Google Drive, so you can store and edit your charts in the same storage system as your Google Apps files. And Lucid Chart has the same sharing and collaboration features.


Clarkson's Shipping Intelligence

A searchable ship registry of over 42,000 existing vessels and nearly 10,600 ships on order, with searchable data on owners, builders, flags, fleets, fixtures, and sales. Includes market reports on more than 20 sectors, as well as time series and the ability to generate data graphs. Also contains full text access to Clarkson's weekly and monthly Shipping Intelligence reports. Allows downloading of PDF reports and exporting of query results to in spreadsheet format.


Westlaw is a global legal research library built on some of the world’s best legal, news and business information. With over 28,000 databases of case law, legislation, law reviews, treaties and directories drawn from Thomson Reuters businesses, including Sweet & Maxwell, Ellis Publications, Carswell and Westlaw, you can add local authority and insight to your international work. Westlaw UK gives you access to vast but easily searchable databases of case law, legislation, news, legal journals, commentary, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials.

Microsoft Office

Still King of the "Office Productivity Suites" -- Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Learn basics to intermediate word processing, use of spreadsheets and making graphical presentations. Library staff can help with adding graphics and animations to slide presentations, manipulating tables using functions, and making short work of long document editing (e.g, Dissertations).

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