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An introduction to library databases


Many of the databases the library offers have hundreds of thousands of records and it is as much an art as it is a science to try to sift through them to limit your results only to pertinant items without missing anything of relevance. It is usually tradeoff between precision and comprehensiveness. This is where putting the limiting and including techniquest together in combination can be very useful, partularly with the discovery service, where the possible items retrieved can be in the tens of millions. Although the example below shows what is going on "under the hood," (and can still be done by experienced users in databases offering "command line" searching), fortunately, most web-based interfaces will offer appropriate text fields and pull down menus to achieve the same results..





Find documents with the subject heading of “piracy” that also have either the subject heading “maritime industry” or the subject heading “sea transport”


or has the subject heading “ship hijacking.”

AND (YR(>2009)

AND tanker*

The document must also be published after the year 2009 and must have the word tanker or tankers anywhere in the text of the document or metadata.

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