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Library Discovery Service

Remote access

Searching the library's Discovery Service is free for all users, whether or not they are members of the WMU community. It is only when accessing full-text content that users might be asked to authenticate. In most cases, when a user is physically located on the WMU Campus or at the Henrik Smith Student Residence, access will be automatic. Off campus users will be directed to authenticate through the university's proxy server, which requires a WMU Gmail account.

The Discovery Service allows individual users to create their own accounts. This allows them customized services such as storing searches, downloading e-books, annotating texts and creating content alerts. User names and passwords are not managed by the WMU library staff, although staff can help in troubleshooting access or resetting passwords. Users should use their WMU email address for their Discovery Service Email as well as for their user name, which will make it easier for library staff to assit in troubleshooting.

Keep in mind, that having a personal account does not usually guarantee access to content found in the discovery service, which is usually dependent on being located on campus or authenticated through the proxy service.

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