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Please consult the library short guide in order to get started with your research:

Library Guide - EBSCO Discovery Service Basics

The Ebsco Discovery Service, or EDS, is the main research tool of the World Maritime University Library. It not only provides a search interface for accessing over 120 thousand ebooks and tens of thousands of full-text journals that are native to the Ebsco platform, but it also indexes and provides links to most of the electronic content that the library has  purchased or leased from other information suppliers. Furthermore, it indexes the catalog of the library's physical inventory -- the books, journals, CD-Roms, maps, etc., that are available for loan to library patrons. In the case of Ebsco's "native" e-books and e-journals, patrons can read the content right within the EDS interface. In the case of third party suppliers of e-content, Ebsco provides a link to the content straight from the citation. In the case of the library catalog, real-time availability is supplied showing the location and status of the material.

Using the Discovery Service does not preclude patrons from searching and using the other databases that it indexes, such as Ebrary, Science Direct, or the Library Catalog. There might be times when searching one of those single databases helps with targeted research. But EDS is a great place to start your topical research. When EDS search results pull up a number of relevant items from other databases, users might switch over to those databases for a more focused approach, but without EDS they might never have learned about the relevance of those databases to their topic.

Not every database to which the library subscribes is indexed in EDS. Interactive learning systems such as Rosetta Stone, or statistics generating databases offered by Sea-web and Clarkson's, do not have the "bibliographic metadata" -- author, title, publication info, subject, and so forth -- required to be indexed in the Discovery Service. And some of the library's resources for e-books and e-journals simply do not provide such indexable metadata at this time. Accordingly, the library maintains a list of such resources which might be helpful for patrons to be aware of when conducting their research.

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