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An introduction to library databases

Personal User Accounts

Lloyd's List and Easybib require users to set up their own accounts. The EBSCO Discovery Service does not require users to have personal accounts, but the library recommends it for frequent users.

Bimco, IMO & Rosetta Stone require that library staff set up your account. You can sign up for those here.

3rd-party" databases & personal user accounts

Many databases allow users to create accounts in order to provide a personalized experience, such as remembering bookmarks and annotations, or allowing users to "borrow" an ebook (download for offline reading for a limited time). Patrons are free to create their own accounts in these systems, with their own choice of user names and passwords. However, having a personalized account in is not usually sufficient to gain access. Users need to be on compass or validated via the EZ-Proxy service, at which time they can log in for their personalized experience.

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